We Custom Built Our Financing
For Amazon Sellers

So funding your Amazon business is simple, easy and affordable.

Say goodbye to long,
painful applications

100% online application

Register in minutes.

No Tax returns.

No Credit scores.

No Financial statements.

No collateral.

Young business? Just starting?
No Problem!


3 Months


24+ months

Online Lenders

12+ months

Amazon Lending

12+ months

Fair, transparent, and affordable

Save 35% vs competitors with our industry-low rates.

Pay a low, fixed percentage of your Amazon payout, so you’ll never be short on cash.

Quick decisions

You need funding today - not next month.

We fund businesses in under 5 days.

Clear, helpful support

No pushy salesmen.

US-based account support.

In house Amazon experts.

Built for Amazon Sellers

Designed by a multi-millionaire Amazon seller and financing expert.

Built to make growing your Amazon business easier than ever.

Simply a better choice

We’re the first lender to be completely built around the needs of Amazon businesses like yours. We understand the problems with the existing financing options and designed a better, more affordable solution to provide you with capital to grow. We’re partners, not just a lending platform. We offer support and education to help you achieve your ambitions. We’re interested in a good fit, not hard sell. We want to grow with you, not just funnel money from your bank account to ours.

Our custom-built solution solves the difficult problem of financing businesses like yours. That’s why we’re so different from any other lender – and why we’re the perfect choice for launching your next stage of growth.

We made it incredibly simple.
Apply online and your funds can be in your
bank in 2 to 5 business days.


Should I apply if I don’t meet the criteria?

Yes! There’s actually an advantage to applying if you don’t meet our minimums. We will periodically review your account, so as soon as your account does meet our criteria you’ll be notified – no need to constantly re-apply or wonder when you’re eligible.

What do you look at when approving a funding application?

We examine dozens of factors during the approval process including (but not limited to) transaction volume, sales growth, account age, seller feedback, inventory, and products listings.

Do you require collateral?

No. We do not require collateral, inventory, hard assets, equipment, or real estate.

Do you check my credit?

Nope! We think credit scores are irrelevant to how well your business performs – you don’t even need a credit score to apply.